Chosen Artist: Richard Hamilton

Name of Chosen Image: Interior II 1964

Original Image:
Interior II 1964 by Richard Hamilton 1922-2011

The Image that I have created:
Image Project

The process of recreating Interior II was interesting and at times a little difficult.
The most difficulty that I had with the separate images that I had too put all together, was that I had too the the lasso tool and duplicate the layer in order to move the image to the background, but sometimes the feathering out would be to strong or not strong enough.
– In this image I have finally got the feathering out to the way that I wanted it and I can moved Lauren Bacall to the background that I have chosen.

Within some of the images I had to crop the image continuous times to allow what I wanted to created for example the blue doors in the right hand side of my image.
I wanted to create an much more contemporary version of what Richard Hamilton had created. And instead of pop-art piece, I decided to use somewhat real pieces in most of the image.
With some of the images, I have created I had to either resize the image or create something or a shape that was part of the image itself.
One of the challenges was the placement of the images together and making sure that they were in the right places that I needed them to be in.
– Here I am trying to figure out how to place the images in their set places, and trying to figure out how to put the chair behind Lauren Bacall instead of her standing behind it.

Throughout the entire process I had learned and was learning a lot more about Photoshop and how to use it, and how some particular things that I did made a huge effect on the work itself, or didn’t make much of a difference.



Within the world their are many colours, and with that comes many forms of expressing what those colours mean and show the people of the world what they can create.
Their are the specific colours that change from the darkest to the lightest, shifting from the intensity to the tonal shade that seems transparent, but with a hint of the shade.
What those can show is that it can create a mood for anyone who sees the colour, for example if someone sees an intense red colour that is bright and bold, they may find it too ‘in their face’ and shy away from the colour, but if they see a much more toned down red, very close to a pink they may think it is simulating and nice too look out.
There are also colours when they are computer generated and moving like electricity to the beat of a soundtrack or live music.
Many House music artist use colours/lasers to stimulate their audience and allow them to have more fun, and enjoy the music whilst seeing the bright colours in front of a black or dark background, as for which many concerts are shown at night time.


The way that Cinema has created their own versions of specific and timeless paintings and pieces never cease to interest me, especially the way that they create it.
Whether it be with specific people, for specific films or just for the benefit of promotion.
Some may be inspired by those pieces that relate mostly to their film, and recreating it in their own modernized version.
Others do it with celebrities to simply just recreate it because they can, they want to show the world what they have forgotten about.


The way that I see Sequential images from looking at Deja Vu – Douglas Gordon is that it is moving images that are repeated in a sequence that is designed by the artist using the same continuous image in however many screens.
– This type of art form is very interesting in a way that it allows the audience to see how the images are portrayed but when you focus on each of the images, sometimes you see something you didn’t see in the first and same goes for the other images.
– It allows the audience to explore the sequence, but it can also make the person watching feel disorientated with the interlocking sounds and images.
*This form of art is probably to me the most advanced in the way that it sets itself out within the piece.

Photoshop Basic

As a person who does not use Photoshop very often, and yet I have so many of my friends including one of my best friend who use it, and me looking upon them like; “I have no idea what you are saying or doing right now because that looks difficult”.
This particular Youtube video was extremely helpful to me, in just learning the basics pf Photoshop, as I am a completely novice in software programs, this was easy to follow.
I was able to learn how to do everything that I needed for my image project, and also nothing was in some sort of strange language that only comes from the people who use it.
All I can say is that goodness for people and Youtube.

Ways of seeing instagram Reading

I thought Ways of seeing instagram was a very interesting and true article.
My take on the situation is that it is not just instagram that is just creating these “effortlessly artful images”.
Artful images are all over the internet now a days.
Before instagram there was wehearit, facebook etc.
People now days try and out do themselves when it comes to images on the internet.
Everyone tries to make the most ‘nicest’ or ‘prettiest’ pictures, to show off their lives to create the illusion of something that they think are missing, or just to show their wonderful lives. Artful images used to be meaningful, not that other images on the internet aren’t meaningful, it is only there are so many ‘selfies’ out there, that sometimes other people can’t see pasted them.
Artful images, used to be so hard to find and they were in specific places, which made it even more special when you saw those images.
But when you do see those beautiful images now a days even though they are everywhere, you get to be exposed to artful things everyday.
Sometimes I do want the internet to just slow down on putting every Artful image out there so it is more special too see, on the other hand I still love to see those images everyday.


Perspectives are an interesting topic.
They are very imaginatively simple, and interesting.
When I was in High school, I did a one-point perspective drawing.
I wasn’t very good at drawing [none the less I loved it] but my Art teacher told me that being good wasn’t the point.
It was the illusion and the Artists own hand that makes it different and interesting.
Two-point perspectives and three-point perspectives are something that I would love to try out, hoping I achieve what the point of it is.
Where the vanishing points are my objects get smaller, and the horizon is where the center piece lies.
When you look at a picture you take, let say on an iphone, and you use panning mode, that is exactly what the phone creates but in one motion.
When you draw a point perspective, it is much more precise and much more focus.
I do love the concept of perspectives, and what kind of image it creates.