This is a picture underneath my bed.
The large wooden boxlike thing is my spare bed.
I see the wood coming off on the edge of my bed because of rough handling.
I see a large black spots which is a movement thing.
I see how long/far it is from on side of the bed to the other.
I see the shadow that the flash creates when going through the ‘hallway’ of my bed.
I see at the end that the flash has highlighted the bottom of the wall and my curtains.
To me this picture even though I know what it is looks to me like a hallways of a warehouse or of a house of some sort. If I did not know what this was that is what I would think it is. The similarities with the shadows the elongated affect that it has, and the ‘walls’ which are the walls of the underneath of the bed resemble walls of a hallway.


Introducing space

The introduction of Space was very interesting thing to think about. Space around is is created for us. We do not have any creative freedom to do what we want in the everyday spaces we live in. For instance the city and suburbs has specific roads leading to specific places to get to a certain destination. The route of our lives in physical aspects is already created for us. So when we have the freedom to go where we want to go or not go on the route that has been laid out for us, it is either extremely hard to do or extremely dangerous because us as human beings are the most dangerous species on the planet. That is why we have things to guide us to our destination, because without that route where would we end up? And that is the point of space. We have to express ourselves creatively through spaces and see where to go and how to do it without the basic routes that our history has made.


Within this lecture we got to experience the many different sounds, and the way sounds can affect us in many different ways. For example when we are hearing we do not experience the full effect of the world around us. To us the worlds sound all sounds the same and come together as one when we aren’t paying attention to anything. Like the sound of a car driving past, or the fridge running. We are accustomed to hearing these everyday sounds that we just think that it is either noise or we do not even hear it at all. But when we focus on a certain everyday object, that sound is enhance and it becomes more clear to us what it sounds like. Also when we are focusing on listening instead of just hearing to the surroundings we can get a clearer idea or what those particular sounds are. For instance when you are walking near a lake you can hear ducks and splashing water. For many other people though especially those people who suffer from excessive hearing; when sounds are enhanced, or even when someone has a panic attack or paranoid, the sounds around us become so much more intense and can be heard as aggressive depending on the situation.

Sound Manipulation

It is very interesting when you are hearing sounds for what they are and then turning sounds into something completely different a shift of the tone to a higher or lower tone can make a world of a difference, and especially pitch and bass tremble of a sound. You can turn the sound of birds chirping into an unrecognizable sound that no one could possibly identify. And when using audacity the possibilities are endless to create and change sounds into something completely unique.

The Weird kind of Sounds

This lecture was extremely odd in the way that made everyone question a lot of aspects like “Why is this lecturer showing us a video of someone making their cat vomit on purpose?” and “Why is this video the lecturer’s favorite video?” The video was very disturbing. An artist was convinced that she was going to die that year, and had decided to make videos of her last year. On of these videos was about making her cat sick on purpose and record the cat throwing up. The lecturer did make a good point in that the specific type of sound when the cat was throwing up was quite rough and very strangled. Not many people were watching because of the horror of watching this poor cat throw up, but many could hear it. Another artist used different wave lengths to create a sound gallery to explore the way that sounds are heard.

Listening to the surroundings.

In this tutorial we got a chance to go for a long walk for around 15 minutes and listen to the surrounding without talking to our peers. Not only was this an interesting experience but it was quite soothing. The sounds that were heard was the sound of rocks underneath peoples feet whilst they walked, the echoing or a stairwell when you make a sudden accidental hit, and the sound of computers working whilst you are sitting not moving. The experience felt as if I was in the silent section of the library. When you are there all you can hear is certain sounds that you cannot ignore unless you were listening to music.
Afterwards we were asked to go out and record something with our smartphones and listen to that sound after it had been recorded. We had recorded my friend eating a potato cake, and whilst watching and recording the process we could not hear anything that the recorded would pick up, but when we listened to it back the sound was loud and clear and it was quite shocking and also very funny, because we did not expect to hear anything from such a ‘non visible’ sound.


This lecture showed us the different kind of sounds within specific things. There are many different sounds that are used in gaming and in film and those sounds are usually just everyday things you could find in the junkyard. Within a game the sound of snapping celery is the sound of snapping bones, and the different kind of swords a person uses in a game can reflect on the different way the blade is recorded.

Sound Project


Creating a piece of sound art is difficult at times. You want the audience to hear what you are trying to depict within the specific elements of the piece, but you also want to allow them to create their own meaning for the piece.
Within my sound piece, I was inspired by colour. Within colours there are so many different connotations to one colour and just like any piece of art that someone creates it has a specific meaning to them.
The colour I was inspired by was the colour black.
Originally I was inspire by the colour red. The connotations Red, depending of the type of shading of that colour can mean; love, hate, danger, power, strength, blood, fire etc.
What I took from the colour red, and my original thought within the process of the piece was that Red was a sign of anxiousness, panic, danger and self harm.
The reason I decided on that was because of the experiences that had lead me to my personal anxiety, and the experiences of my friends who all seem to deal with deeper issues.
I chose the base of the piece which is;
Angel Olsen – White Fire. https://soundcloud.com/jagjaguwar/angel-olsen-white-fire
To me this was the perfect base for the kind of sound I wanted to create.
The recorded aspects of the piece I had jotted down to see which ones I would record.
[Tapping noise, echo, fast clapping, loud breathing, banging on drum, static noise, water dripping, clanking of pans, screaming, heart beating, crying, wind, whispers, heart monitor sound.]
Within these particular choices I had chosen to record; Banging noise, Tapping on a cup with a pen, creepy whispers, Metal sounds, tapping on wood and screaming.
For the piece itself, I had decided to use everything but the metal sounds and the tapping on wood.
What I wanted to create for the piece was in the beginning of the piece to have the sound start and then in the background have a small amount of tapping to create suspense, and then in the middle of the track to sound out of control and loud. This was to mimic the sound that would relate to having a panic attack.
Then everything would go back to the way it was in the beginning.
The sounds I had recorded didn’t sound like what I wanted them to so I change either the tempo, the bass tremble, the speed or the pitch. (For the entire track I DE-amplified the sound to a -10)
When I got the specific sound I wanted from each recording I put them in the places where I thought they sounded the best for the track. I cut out most of the track and made sure that it was cut at a point where the artist was not singing and it was just the music playing, because the original song is around 6 minutes. I also decided to copy some of the clips and add them to a different part of the piece or in the similar rage to where the other clip was to add dimension.
Before doing that I had come to the recollection that I did not want the colour to be red anymore, because it did not sound like the colour red and it suited to be more the colour black.
I thought this was an appropriate change, and that is when I started to really relate more to the piece.
The connotations for black are; elegance, death, evil, mystery etc.
What I took from the colour black is the sense of despair, mystery, darkness, death and loneliness.
And that is what came out, for me, in the sound piece.
Not only did it fit better with the lyrics of the song but the entire emotional feel of it as well.
With the recorded sounds and the specific sound that was created after they were changed, the cup tapping noise became similar to a heart monitor sound. The screaming was lowered down to a low uninhabitable sound. The banging also became so and low, but with a frightening edge to it, and so did the creepy whispers.
What came out of the process of making this piece, was exactly what I had been subconsciously looking for and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted.
Colour connotations I looked at: http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html