140 Character Stories. #3

She held onto me tight, she wouldn’t let go, then suddenly her hand loosened, I saw blood dripping down, I laid her down next to the swings.

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Time and Pressures of the World

Are we giving ourselves enough time?
When we look at so many different artists throughout the ages,
and we see that many of them took years to create a piece of work that would change the world.
Are we conjuring up a piece of work in our minds, as we continue on in life and not know it?
Time is of the essence, yes. But within this day and age, artists are feeling the pressure from the world,
to create something now.
Are we as artists feeling the pressure?
As young artists in an age where we look around and there is so much to see, and so much already happening,
how can we live up to such expectations…
Is the world building so quickly, that we may miss our chance. Or it is waiting for us to create something, and get out there.
These are the thoughts that run through some people’s minds. (Including mine.)
Do we need to slow down?
Speed up? Because of the way that the world is heading.
Sometimes, time and pressure takes it toll on the minds of artists. Young and old.

Labels That We Give Ourselves.

I feel very strongly about labels.
The world has given us so many labels, with just the look of one person that it is hard to count how many we really have.
But those labels are part of our everyday life, and most of the time, we cannot chose what we are labeled as.
The one thing we can chose is the labels that we give ourselves.
Being an artists is an extremely freeing experience, not only because you are doing what you love, and expressing on how you feel, but because there are no labels. (At least I like to believe so.)
I do not like to put a label on myself when it comes to my artistry. But other people can.
But I found that when there is a specific label on myself, that people have given me especially when it comes to the type of artist I am, I cringe.
I write. I film. I direct. I edit. I paint. I draw. I sketch. I act. I sing. I dance. I photograph things.
None of these are the things I label myself as. Because I am all of these, whether people have seen some of these things from me or not.
I do not just say I am a writer, because that is wrong. I am also a filmmaker, a painter, a performer, a photographer.
In a broader term; I like to say that I am a Creator and a Storyteller.
Because everyone of the things I do comes within to these two things. And it is not a specific label, that I cringe because the one specific label makes me feel trapped.
Others on the other hand, love to be labeled specific things.
But I believe that sometimes, if you continue to label yourself as that one thing, you will be trapped. You will feel pressured to always be that one things. And then you will stop enjoying what you really love.
The world is not made out of one thing. It is made out of so many things, and combined it creates something beautiful.

Artists and Drafting

Being within the art community, there are so many Artists that make so many different versions of their own work, over and over again to make sure that they have got it right.
Sometimes it is as if, it is because the pressure of the work being viewed by others.
But most times, the case is that the Artist wants their work to be perfect, not for others, but mostly for themselves.  Artists can recreate something that is their own, so many times, just to make sure that the work is utterly perfect, and then have the illusion of just creating that work once, in the spur of the moment.
I would like to think, that I do things within my artistry that is in the spur of the moment. Like my writing, or my drawings, and when I look upon those things, I often love it for the way it is, especially when I draw something.
Spur of the moment things, when it comes to being an artist, is not a bad thing, but it does depend on the type of artistry that the artist themselves is using.
For film, their are so many process, and different versions of one piece, because sometimes the original idea, may not work so much. With writing it is the technical mistakes, or the errors that makes us continue re-drafting the same thing to get it perfect. But with painting and drawing (not sketching), there is something beautiful with something that came out of the blue.

#53 Give advice to yourself in the past.


To my fifteen year old self:

  • Don’t let the negative comments of other people change who you are. Always be strong and you may feel insecure now, but you won’t in the future. Trust me.
  • Continue sticking to who you are, meaning; your morals, values, your faith, and your endless hope. These are the things that define you are make you such a strong person. Never lose any of these things.
  • Continue to listen to your heart. Others may say that the heart can fool you, but you aren’t like other people. You have a strong heart and you know what is right.
  • Don’t let the negativity and your mind trick you into doing stupid things. Your mind is the one thing that will drag you down into despair. The thoughts will begin to kill you.
  • Friendship is a gift, but remember to choose wisely with your friends. Just because you have good times with people doesn’t make them your best friends. Choose people who you know will always be there for you, and choose your closest friends from there.
  • Continue to have the ‘I don’t give a shit about what people think’ on the outside, because eventually you will actually have that attitude for life.
  • Never loose your faith. It is one of the things that will keep you from falling into a dark hole.
  • The right guy is definitely coming. In fact he is the perfect one. So continue to be defensive to the guys you know who are absolutely dickheads, because they aren’t worth you time.
  • Your motherly instincts will become strong as you grow older, so be careful of the things that happen.
  • When angry always think about what you are going to say before you say it.
  • Don’t be afraid just because your parents are. Do what you want to do. Take risks, and have new experiences, because it will make you so much happier.
  • Don’t let fear consume you.
  • Exercise daily, because it is good for the well being of your mind to become strong, and not so full of doubt.
  • Always believe in yourself, because you are capable of anything.
  • There are always people who are there for you, so don’t be so isolated in times of trouble.
  • Be strong in your values and morals, because peer-pressure is stupid.
  • You want or need to do something just do it, nothing will come from doing jack shit.
  • Never let your parents break you. Always have your creativity flowing.
  • Be nicer to people, even when they are being shitty to you. Being mean is never the answer.
  • Make sure you never let what people say affect you. Because they don’t know you or your story, so why should you give a flying fuck.

#11 Photograph a scar and write about it.


Scar on my chin
This is the scar on my chin.

The scar on my chin was from when I was in grade three, I fell off an jumping castle that was inside and I hit chin first onto the floor boards of the, what seemed to be a rented out gym for one of my family friends birthday.
Another kid had jumped very close to me whilst I was standing on the edge of the jumping castle.
I stood up, put my hand to my chin, and started crying. More so because of the amount of blood that was pouring out of my small chin.
I cried really loud because I didn’t know where my parents were and no one seemed to really notice or care.
A woman gave me tissues to put on my chin, as the kid to flung me off the jumping castle watched and the other kids continued to play.
My parents finally found me crying, and said we needed to go to the emergency room.
I actually felt bad because they had to leave so early just because I got hurt.
We got to the emergency room, and waited until we were called.
I had to get stitches, the invisible ones that dissolve, and a big protective patch for three weeks to a month, and continue to add disenfectant to it, so it didn’t get infected.
When I got back to school with the patch on my chin, I was quite happy of all the attention, and was glad to tell me story, just to see the reaction on people’s faces of how much blood there was.
But now I am afraid of falling on my chin.

VERSIONS: Different Experiences

What I want within Versions: Thinking through Creative Arts, is different artists experiences within the class.
I would love to actually make something with my own hand, touch and feel different materials, talking with different artists on their works and their lives.
I would love to go out side and just point out the different things, whether it be extremely simple and plain, and describe how that can be considered to be a piece of art. To actually go out and be sensitive to the world.
I want to experiment with the different types of art, like painting, sculpture, film, photography, crafts etc.
Because all of these things are exciting to me.
I do love the discussions that are formed in class, but I would also love to do a creative activity, that allows us to spark something that can generate a work of our own, or find out what we are good and not good at.
That to me is the essence of thinking through creative arts.