Completed work: Own thoughts of finished work and; Ideal space to exhibit piece.

Now my work has been completed, I look at it now, and it is almost exactly how I envisioned it, from my final Methodology.
It reflects the elements of; time, space and movement.
The music that plays in the background follows the images perfectly.
Obviously I had so many different versions of the same project, but the final work is what I am happy with.
The ideal place that I would exhibit my piece is;
in a dark studio, with three mirrors surrounding the projection.
The reason for this is; that it creates a windows in a place that has no windows.
Surrounding you by the idea that, we are always looking through a window, and we are never fazed by it.
And when you do look out through a window, it is not just the outside world we are seeing, but it is also ourselves and where we are that we can see.
And it all reflects back at us on a daily basis.
We stare out of windows like we are daydreaming.
And that is what I can see looking at my final piece.

Individual Project Process: #10 Thoughts on the work itself

First version of piece: My first version of my project did not exactly go to plan, considering after 6 hours of editing and trying to figure out where and what clips to use and cutting things out, the program I had downloaded did not let me export my video. So I had to start all over again. On the other hand I think it was a good thing because looking over the video, the transitions were bad, and everything was very messy. I did not like the first version.

Second version of piece (Final version): My second version of my project was much better than the second. When I edited it on my original program, I knew what clips to use, and the transitions were so much better, it wasn’t cut badly and it seems to flow much better throughout the entire video. I think it was because I knew exactly what I wanted to do this time around, that it was faster (obviously) and the program was better.

Individual Project Process: #8 Picking the sounds

I decided when thinking about this project, when I came to my final decision; that I wanted something that was mellow, and something that kind of sounded like elevator music, to relate to the fact how much we spend inside looking out at the world waiting to get out of a confined space.
I delved into my music, and I found some sample music on my computer.
The song I have decided to use is by Bob Acri entitled; Sleepy away.
I am kind of hoping people don’t fall asleep to the song, because it is really slow and has no words.
But that is exactly what I am looking for.

Individual Project Process: #7 Creation of the one word frames

Making my one word/time pictures was not hard,
but the only thing that I was considering was whether to make it on computer or on my phone.
I chose my phone.
I took a picture of something covering my phone which made the image black,
went on an image editor and added text.
The specific times represent the amount of time from the beginning of the day to the end of how much we spend inside; depending on where we are.
I did not add in the ending times, because some people live in different places, so I didn’t want to add that in, because it may not relate to other people.

Individual Project Process: #6 Editing the Video Art


First Initial thoughts before editing: The editing process of this project, I know is going to be the hardest part, considering how much footage I took. With every piece there is always struggles, and right now my struggle is what parts to keep in the video, and how the clips are going to intertwine with each other, and how it is all going to be set out.

Beginning of the editing process: So far I have been choosing each clip and cutting what footage I think that can contribute to the video, and what is not necessary. Looking at each of the clips, I begin to realise that I have some great pieces of footage, and it makes me feel better in a way that the footage I have is actually useable.
– Right now I feel like I am going well in the different clips I want to use, my only concern is how long the video is actually going to be, especially when the presentation is only 10 minutes, but I haven’t yet added any effects or anything, I am just cutting raw footage.
– My shock with my footage is that I honestly did not think that I had much to work with, and maybe I should have shot more, but looking at this I realise how much footage I have, and that it is plenty.
– So I have looked through all of the footage I have edited, now it is the time where I go through again, to see what I can cut and leave. I am doing this again, because sometimes there is unnecessary footage that does not belong in the video, even if I thought it was good the first time, looking back I might not feel the same.
– Figuring out the transitions is probably the hardest part, because it does affect the length of the video piece, and I don’t want to make it look like a collage.
– But so far, I feel like the transitions are good.

Individual Project Process: #5 BREAKTHROUGH – Change to Methodology [Final Version]


Title: Through the window.
Moving image – Video art.
Style effect: Slow motion and normal pace, addition of colour.
Shots: Long shots and Medium long shots.
Sounds: Background music – for ambiance.

Methodology – Final version of Individual Project (Finding that something missing):

[The thought process for my Individual project has been such a long and tedious process. When I finally wrote out my Methodology, I looked at it and felt that there still was something missing. A spark, or maybe I felt that it wasn’t “creative” or “artsy” enough? But all I knew is that while going through the long process, I kept changing my ideas because I wasn’t happy with what the product sounded to be. It was either to complicated or did not make much sense.
Something occurred to me whilst I was filming on the train. When I look through the window I realised that I could not only see my own reflection, but inside the train and the outside as well. And it dawned on me; “We spent so much time inside, we are always looking out to the world, and we never realise that whenever we are inside of something, a building, a car, a train, a restaurant, that we create our own little bubble, and we always seem to be staring out the window like it is a daydream, seeing everything, but not really experiencing it.
This concept of windows, still applies with my other concepts of time and travel, but now added in with buildings.
So the concepts of it are now; windows, time and inside spaces,(and possibly even screens).
The way we see the world, is always through a window.
No matter where we are or where we are going, especially if we live in a city.
The video is still going to be set in the same way as the first Methodology, but it is now not going to be in two parts, and just going to be one whole piece.
There will still be music, but more of the classical music with no words.
So more like elevator music.
Depending on the clip, I am thinking about adding a different filter or enhancing the video colours.
And this is what my long process has created.
I am now offcially happy with my ACTUAL METHODOLOGY.]

Individual Project Process: #4 Thinking process after looking over Methodology

Thoughts when looking over the Methodology:

  • Unsure about the work (not because it is not a good idea, but because there seems to be something missing, or it is just not as refined as I want it to be yet)
  • Consideration of changing a few more things, but keeping the the concepts, but in a different way.
  • Refining the project concept a bit more.
  • If not refined, push forward with the idea of the work (if there is spark that comes to light.)
  • Enhancing the exposure of the video itself.
  • Still wanting to create a video art, but using one main concept, and incorporating the others within it.
  • Doesn’t feel “special” enough (when seeing the methodology).
  • Unhappy because there is definitely something missing, or that there is something that is awaiting.

METHODOLOGY – Individual project

Methodology – Individual project: [My decision for the work came upon trying to figure out an appropriate title for the actual work. Not only that but a title that would easily define my work. My video art is titled; Time.Travel. Nothing special or extravagant about the title, but what it does is that is breaks down the two words, to just have the two different words on itself own, instead of the two words that are in the same concept that they are thinking of. With any other of the versions I have created in my head, may have gone through many different changes, two things remained the same in both. I wanted to focus this project on Time within the space of traveling. And the distortion that sometimes our minds can play when the you really do focus on traveling and time itself with the use of music as a distraction, and how it affects the view of time in that situation. My video art will be surrounding on the main means of transportation here in Melbourne which are; cars, bus, trains and trams. There will be two parts to this video. The first part will be without music, and only the noise you hear on a day to day basis such as; cars driving past or the trains itself, or even just other people talking. This part will also be in faster or slower motion (basing the way I feel when in the particular transportation.) The second part will be with music, using this as an comparison to how the music affects people (i.e myself) in the particular means of transport. Again this will be in faster or slower motion, depending on the emotional connection.The reason for this particular project is that; with time and travel, which is both something we can never escape, how does music affect those two things? And how our perception changes of those two particular things when we have a little escape within music from time and travel. The first and second part will show both of the same clips, in different means of transport during different times of the day. It will also have the time of the day and what means of transport I am on (if it isn’t already obvious) in one frame image between each of the clips as a breaker and to give more information about the time and day of the clips. The reason for this is to repeat the concept of time and travel, in the overall idea of music as a kind of breaker of the two, and our changing perceptions when music is added compared to when it isn’t there. ] Specifics/Basis:  Material: Moving image – Video art Style effect: Slow motion, fast pace and also normal pace. Shots: Long shots, medium shot –  Along with added in one word or time frames between each shot. Title: Time.Travel Sounds: First part – Sounds you would usually hear in that situation, Second part – Soundtracks and songs.