Remixing brands is always going to be somewhat of a gimmick, or something that someone has created to try and get a strong point across. Because really, when it comes to brandalism, it is something that people do to make sure that they get noticed, because of the message they want the world to see. Most people in the world see the controversial things first, because they obviously have more surrounding them, and people love drama. We are surrounded by it all the time, and it is hard to escape it. Brands surround us like the air that we breathe, it is inescapable, but we as artists, use that to our advantage, creating something that has such a high name and reputation and turning that into something that is new can affect, not only the brand, the minds of people who see or use that brand every day. They may look at it in a different way, just because of the way the artist has pulled across their message, but also really depends on the person who is viewing the piece of work.



Editing something to create something new can be so challenging, considering the era we live within today, there is so much content in this world, whether we have seen it or not, most likely it has been done before. But that is never a bad thing. We take inspiration from these things to create something that is our own. With vision mixing, it can be such a broad world, because there is so much out there to remix, and make your own. The world of vision mixing itself, is quite extensive. Where do you begin? People start with something small, or simple, and go from there, others build from their complications and fails ideas and tests, and instead, end up creating something that is so much more than they expected it to be. Sometimes, even the one you thought was a failed experiment, ends up to be something beautiful to someone else. No one has the same perception, but we do have similar ideas, because of the world we live in, our collective thoughts affect our vision mixing, our editing to our style, and the way see want, or see particular things ourselves.

Video Project.

For my Video project, what I did was take a small segment of ‘Daria’, and change the sequences of it to make it seem like it was going back and forth between each shot.The beginning of the video is Daria and Jane sitting on the couch together watching TV. What I did here was change the contrast and the coloring of the image to make it unrecognizable in terms of who and or what is actually in the image.The next shot is a shot of the TV, and what I have done here is done the same with the coloring and contrast, but used a mirror affect to make it into something alien like.With the shots in between, the ones of Daria on the phone what I did, was break up each frame and use different affects on every frame, and moving some of the frames into a different sequence.I used the same eye, that I used for my tester, but this time, what I did was put everything together, and loop them in different ways in each section, each looks similar but different to one another.
One thing that remains consistent throughout the video, is that every frame has a blurred affect.The reason for this is because, I wanted to create something that was hypnotizing, as well as confusing, and visually interesting.This is why each frame, and each section that are repeat, have different elements to them, to make them stand out from the last frame. With the sound of the video, what I did was use the original sound, but continuously change the pitch and the speed to make it sound like something you would hear only if you were high on drugs. It sounds like someone speaking to you, but it is not a person, its a monster, and you do not understand what he or she is saying, but they are saying something.
Thoughts: It was difficult trying to figure out what to do with this video project, because the fact in the matter is, what could I do that hasn’t already been done. With this I began not knowing at all where I was going or what I was going to do, and all I knew was that I wanted to use something from Daria. Looking back on the work itself, I feel I could have done so much more, but I do not know how. I think the reason why I was so stuck with this particular project is because I am use to remixing my own material, instead of someone else’s. I am happy with beginning of the video and towards the end of the video, but not so much towards the middle. To me it has too much of the actual show in their, for me to say that I like it as my own.
But the overall result of the video, I am pleased with. The video came out, as all my other remix pieces have, quite frightening, but, this time is it not to frightening. It is at a point where it is quite confusing and trippy.

Video testing – Sick Sad World.

With this test, what I did here is take the smallest bit out of Daria, and used the Sick sad world TV show, as the base for what I have created. I changed the coloring of the visual itself, and then I used two mirroring tools, to take away the words themselves, just giving me the eye itself. Because the image is already circulating, I used this to my advantage, and put a blur tool, multiple times, to create a hypnotizing affect. The overall outcome was satisfying, because of the way the visual spins, and what happens is that you get lost in it for a tiny amount of time.

Birds – Remix Video #2

With this remix video, it has same kind of footage from the last, but these were my test shots, to see if I could really create what I wanted to achieve. From the footage I was happy to say that it was a success. I wanted this one to be much more of a happier remix, because most of my footage consisted of birds and nature. It is happy and bright, and ends with something that is still beautiful, but dark.

Self – Remix Video #1

With this video, what I used to remix are the pieces of footage I have from a project I did in year 12 for Media class. I was inspired by stop motion, but I wanted to give it my own touch. I went around my three close friends, and I shot each section of their sides, stopping at each side. What I wanted to do with this remix, is make it more darker, and creepy, but also have a lighter ending to it. The point of the faces, and then the burning images, is the concept of deeper thoughts running through the brain, making the person mentally unstable, but strong in outcome. The song I used in the background is by Todd Hannigan called courtside. It is exactly what the video sounds like before I found it. It begins dark, but then turns into something quite nice and beautiful.

Sound remix #3 – Experimental

This piece is the final sound piece that I did, and it has the same feeling of the other two, but the vocals I feel like are much more funny because of the chosen songs; C’mon let me ride your bicycle by Skylar, and Awkward by San ciso. The vocals in this do not match up at all, but the beat of the song isn’t to bad. Like the other two I chose what I like from each song, change the tempo of each, and arranged it in a way that seemed to fit for my experimental taste. The vocals make me laugh the most, because of the certain parts I took from each song, but regardless of vocals not really matching up, certain parts of the song work extremely well together. I used the song by Ceelo Green called Bright lights, bigger city, as the back track for it. Only a specific part of the song looped, and also a few vocals added in the end of the song. Again, I am not the best at putting together different songs, but I think that it works well in certain areas.

Sound remix #2 – Experimental

With this piece, what I decided to do was collect four songs from the same artist, and put all the songs together in a collective remix. The artists or band I chose was Kids of 88. I used the vocals from Apart of you, Downtown, and My house, and some of the beats mixed in. I changed the tempo with most of them, and made sure the affect sounded almost right with the others. Because it is by the same artist, it sounds very familiar, in terms of vocals and beats of each of the songs. I used the song Cotton mouth, to create a backing track to make the remix have much more depth. If you listen carefully in the background of the song it has a very deep tempo, and it sounds almost like a drum being beaten in slow motion. I wanted to find out if the songs would be similar, and they were. Again if I was better at this I would have done a much better job, but this is probably my favorite sound piece out of all of them, because it gives a strong vibe of the artist, but has the sense of the remix, and what I am trying to achieve fully within this piece.

Sound remix #1 – Experimental

With this sound piece, what I did was take a non lyrical song, which was; Kalimba, Mr Scruff Ninja tuna, and added some vocals and some talking within the piece. I used Mike and Tom eats snacks podcast, and also the song by Karmin Acapella. When I went through each of the tracks with vocal, I chose segments of the podcast and song that I liked, and want to use in the song. They aren’t matching up, but for me that isn’t the point. I layered The MATES podcast on top of some of the Kalimba song, and speed up the podcast. What I also did was layer the different parts of the Karmin song, to see how they would work together or not together. Not together was the main outcome, but I used the echo effect which sounded very deep and interesting. I lowered the tempo, and played and backing track on the Kalimba piece, from Karmin, and continue to add the pieces together. Its not the greatest sound piece, but it isn’t meant to be. My pieces are experimental. These are the three pieces of sound I chose to see if they could work together. They might have worked better together, if I was better at this.



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This is the final image that I created, and this was more about merging two faces as one to create some sort of new face, that you could see the main face, along with the other face that is on top, but working together to create something new.
I chose an image that was in black and white and used someone face, as the base, so that any colours that is added by  other layers and images would stand out better.

Original image.

I used an image of a ape to be the top layer of the face.
I then took the mouth and nose part of the ape, and the eyes, and layered them on top of the persons face, to create a dark version of the face underneath the layers, but with a noticeable ape face.
At this point, I wanted to line everything up with the face underneath, but when I actually put everything on the face from the apes face, I felt that it didn’t need to line up, and looked good as it was.
The eyes however were to dark so I took an image of a brightly coloured eye.

Eye used for eyes.
Eye used for eyes.

And I used the lasso tool, made the image small to the fit the shape of the eyes on the person, and made sure that it looked right, in terms of where they were placed. Which resulted in this:
funny-celeb-photos-18 #2
I used an artistic filter, and bumped up the brightness for it and contrast, to further enhance the colour of the eyes.
(Final image at the top.)
The artistic filter gave it an edge that made it seemed like it was painted, and that is what I love about it the most.