The other days.

The overwhelming feeling of fear. It is something bigger than we expect. It is something that we cannot get out of our lives. We try to fight it off, and somedays we are perfectly fine. But the other days are the hardest. When you cannot see what you are fighting for anymore. When your thoughts become louder than you ambitions. Those are the days that are dreaded by so many. When fear comsumes you. And you feel as if there is no where to run. We are all waiting for the other days to come.



Some people stare at you, glare st you like you are nothing but shit to them, some have the look of confusion, or tiredness that doesnt allow them to process certain things in their minds, which allow them to not think about anything at all. And then there are those who stop and stare with adoration, like they know you are having a hard time, or they just like to smile.

White screen, blank page

Staring at a bright white screen, is unstimulating to my brain. It feels like I am being hypnotized, falling into a deep trance, to eventually falling asleep. It pains my eyes to look up at it. I’d rather look down at my blank piece of paper and begin to put words onto it, as if I am watching someone write, but it is me. And I am experiencing not watching. It makes me feel so much more alive and awake, but when I stare at that big white screen, I feel sleepy, like I am being drained of my physical strength. Writing is keeping my brain and body awake, a small rush of life through my finger tips. But without the screen, I would not write. The blank white screens, give me that push to write. And that blank piece of paper wants me to write about the blank screen. They edge each other on, keep each other in check. I need to look up at the screen to keep writing. They balance each other out. Without the screen the paper would have not much to say.


There are lot of  material things in the world but,
To have mental strength,
To cherish a loved one unconditionally,
To be passionate about something you believe in,
To be something that you have always wanted to be,
Are always going to take over the material things in life.