4:04am – Joe: Tired and restless.
I feel like everything around me is closing in.
I know there is no escape from this place.
It has consumed me.
I can’t see the way out, and there is nothing around but pure emptiness.
I hear sounds of the wind blowing outside the window, and the tree rustling.
There is a small object in front of me, it feels like a box.
I have never been so alone, and yet so close to something at the same time.
I am holding onto it for dear life.
If I hold onto it, maybe it will take me away from this place.
I can’t move, or feel anything towards anything that is out there anymore.
If nothing is there, then maybe I am not really here.
It is all a dream, or it is all a reality.
I hold onto whatever is left of what I have.
[Something outside the window falls. It hits the window, breaking it. The wind blow through the broken window. Joe pushes the covers away from his head. He gets up and walks towards the broken glass. He steps on glass but does not react. He feels the breeze run through him. He looks up onto the sky. The moon is shining bright.]
I can finally feel the light.


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