Dearest Friend.

[A woman standing in the hallway of a high school. The school is empty and dark. The sun covered by the clouds, and the wind howling through the trees. She walks along the pathway leading her to the classrooms. She runs her hands against the doors of the lockers. She feels sudden pull toward the locker on the end. Number 25. She runs to the locker, then stops. Standing in the shadows she breathes slowly, staring at the locker. Locked. She pulls a key from her pocket, and opens the lock. She opens the locker breathing heavier than before. Looking inside she finds old pictures of herself and an old friend. Not just photos from when they were at school, but after as well. She sees the mirror stuck to the inside of the locker door and looks into it. Her face is as old as she feels. She spots a folder piece of paper on the bottom shelf of the locker. She picks it up and unfolds the paper. She realises it is the letter she had written to a friend a long time ago.]

[Dearest Friend,
I’m not sure on how much you know of what I am about to say in this letter, but I hope that this will be something that you will always remember.
Life has a tendency to grip us by the throat and throw everything in our way. I know that we haven’t spoken in a long time, or seen each other. But something you have to know is how much I care for you. Distance or time is nothing because you will always be one of my dearest friends. I need you to know that no matter where life takes you, I will be here for you. Always. I need you to know that if it weren’t for you, I would not be the person I am today. I remember when we were teenagers. God. We were so young. We would talk about life like it was not a problem for us, because we had each other. Everyday at school we had each others backs like no one else. You were the only reason why I enjoyed going to school. You stood up for me when no one did. When I couldn’t even do it myself. At the time I thought that is what people do. But I realised it was just my best friend sticking up for me. I have never come across another best friend who has stood up for me the way you did. In a way it sounds sad, because I know that no one out there cares enough. But in the most important way possible it is special, because you are the most loving and caring friend who has entered my life that has changed me. I am stronger and independent. I looked to you as my rock. And now I can be my own rock. When we laughed, we couldn’t stop laughing, when we cried we couldn’t stop crying, when we got angry we would rant and rage out for hours, and when we would talk about ourselves we listened to each other. Time has passed. But my love for our friendship will never fade. I see you know, and I feel privileged to even have been one of your best friends, and that you consider me as a friend. You have become even more stronger, more beautiful, more yourself. You have grown into an amazing incredible young woman. My heart is filled with nothing but joy and happiness for you, and your life. This isn’t something that I wanted to just write for you on this occasion, but something I always think about. We have grown, as people separately, but we began growing together. I’m sure we will catch up on life soon. But for now I hope you felt something of the many words I have placed in this letter.
Love from,
Your dearest Friend.]

[The woman puts the letter down as tears flood from her eyes. She tries to take a deep breathe through the tears, but they are to strong that she falls to the floor crouched down with the letter in her hand. After a few moments she has the strength to get up. She holds onto the bottom shelf of the locker, with tears still falling from her eyes. She looks up into the mirror on the back of the locker door. To her surprise she is as young as when she wrote the letter. 21 to be exact. She wipes the tears from her eyes, cleaning off her face thinking that it is her imagination. She looks again there she is as young as ever. She looks around and finds the sky is a blue and clear as a summers day, and the sun shining on her. She thinks to herself: “This can’t be real.” She looks at the time and date on her watch to find her watch had gone, and it was the watch her mother had given her for her 21st birthday that she had lost a year later. Shocked her first thought and words out of her mouth is: “There’s still time.” She runs off leaving the letter behind in the opened locker.]